Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Have Lunch!

Today I was in the mood for a simple yet healthy lunch. Not fast food, not a heavy soup or stew, but more than a salad. I settled on a turkey and sweet pepper wrap.
And, because I have always been told it is nice to share, I will share it with you! But we have to prepare it first.

First we have to gather our ingredients. Today I am going to use about 4 oz of thinly sliced, honey roasted turkey along with some red and orange mini sweet peppers (1 each). A quarter cup of bean sprouts will be good too, as well as a tiny bit of 5 different types of lettuce, whatever is on hand. Just for a bit of a kick, I am going to add some hot pepper rings as well. If you don't like them, you can pick them off of your side. I don't mind. For a dressing I am going to use Ken's Sweet Vidalia Onion. All of this will be placed on a whole wheat flatbread.

Next, we spread a bit of dressing on the flatbread. Then, place the vegies on the bread, leaving one end of bread bare. After that, the turkey goes over it all to within 1/4 inch of the bare edge. That is right, all the way across. After all is piled on the flatbread I begin rolling it from the vegie side until it is like a wrap from your favorite trendy and much more expensive cafe. Place toothpicks in each side so it won't come unrolled. If you have some fancy little picks with the cellophane on them, go ahead and treat yourself to some visual fun.

Add a bit of dressing to the plate for dipping and enjoy!

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