Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes, I Am OCD

My DH laughs at me because I organize my kitchen cupboards, spices, and pantry. Is that funny? I think not. But, I must admit, I can take this organization thing to extremes. For good reason though! Can you say "Easy"? Can you say "Time Saver"? Can you say "Lazy"? I don't know how people live without the shopping list, the inventory list, the alphabetization.

This is how I set up my OCD kitchen.

First, I do have an inventory of all the foodstuffs and products used in this household! There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than running out of something. One day, on a whim, I ran around the house with a pen and paper and wrote down all the things I had on hand that I couldn't live without. With list in hand, I went to my trusty computer, opened an Excel document and plugged in all the items, by category, along with the number to keep on hand. Now, before I go grocery shopping, all I have to do is print out an inventory sheet and do an inventory! Voila! Easy peesey! No more wondering if I need this or that or the other thing.

To make the inventory easier, I have my shelves organized by food type.

Yes, as I type this out I realize that this is beyond OCD and well into anal retentive. But it works for me.

It does make inventory easier. All I have to do is look and I know how many cans of crushed tomatoes I need or if there is an ample supply of chicken in the freezer. Don't laugh until you have tried it. And, nothing drives me bonkier than if the DH or DS puts the groceries away in the wrong place! Yes, this is true.

My spices, sent from Penzey's in ziplock, stay fresh bags, are placed into jars which are then alphabetized within the spice cupboard. You laugh! But, if you look at the number of different spices that I keep on hand, it would take hours to find the particular seasoning needed at a moment's notice. This method is a time saver in and of itself!!!

Yes, I am an overly organized person, but only in my kitchen and pantry. To me, there is nothing quite like looking at a well stocked, well organized cooking area. It makes the creative flow easier to maintain. It allows for quick and effortless gathering of ingredients. It just make sense to me because Yes! I am OCD.


Gina said...

My mother, ladies and gentleman, the Rain Man of kitchen organization! *sigh* At least there's finally something I can truly blame my parent for. My shrink'll be thrilled...

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

LOL Gina!

Honestly, Bev, your kitchen sounds just like all I aspire to for my kitchen, just haven't quite pulled it off yet. I have managed to store most of my goods in categories, but my search for herbs and spices goes on. Not sure how many times I've added mustard, paprika,....to my shopping list, purchased said items only to discover at a later date I now had 2 or even 3 of the same thing, but really was missing another important ingredient. Think I'll reorganize at least that section of my kitchen today :)